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Our Story

SCALES has been established through the learnings from Aquaculture without Frontiers (USA/Australia/Latin America) and the need to responsibly share common resources and goals globally.
Appreciating that many similar organisations already exist the opportunity to collaborate and engage with other groups/organisations and connect them with aquaculture and/or with our expertise is an opportunity not to waste.
Collaboration is the key in moving forward and sharing information, knowledge and resources is vital. As a group we are stronger. We can put projects together and engage in funding initiatives to maximise our joint expertise and to have other countries engaged in the SCALES network creates many advantages.
SCALES International Limited operates globally but it has been established in NSW, Australia as a new Environmental Not for Profit organisation – a company limited by guarantee not having share capital (ACN 634 399 429). This public company is established for beneficial society with its sole objective as an Environmental Organisation.

What We Do


We for alliances to build information and knowledge about many countries and their specific needs and assist in creation of plans and projects. We will promote our alliances and sponsors in any relevant activities they engage and share their goals and news throughout our media platforms.

Renewable Energy

All our work is connected to relevant United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG’s) as that is the global agenda which drives activities.


We are working with Aquaculture without Frontiers groups in USA, Australia and Latin America and the Association of International Seafood Professionals on making educational tools and resources available. The aim is online 24 hours per day and in many languages.

SCALES Foundation

Creating a special FUND which enables people, companies, organisations, etc to engage in aquatic food chain development through SCALES. This maybe carbon related in respect of our concepts of coastal development particularly in the re-establishment of mangroves and sea grasses, but it may be supply related to seafood marketing, etc.

Networking, Meetings & Events

With our alliances we will work to create opportunities for networking through meetings and events.

Our Mission & Vision

SCALES will create alliances throughout the developing aquatic world with other like-minded organisations that see benefit in joining forces, creating collective knowledge and collaborating on projects and programs that connect to the UN Sustainable Development Goals – addressing the global challenges, especially including those related to poverty, inequality, gender, climate, environmental degradation, education, prosperity, and peace and justice.

To be a successful aquatic sustainable development agent through alliances.

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